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Travhotec specialises in the supply of Hot Water and Steam Boilers, Chillers, and Heat Exchangers for the wine industry.


Hot Water Systems are designed for each winery and include everything from wine heating and pasteurisation, sanitation supply for bottling lines to filters, pumps and lines, as well as Cross Flow and Centrifuge and Barrel cleaning.


We supply Steam for various heating processes, pasteurisation, sanitation, advanced wine processes such as Flash Dente and Wine Barrel sanitation. Steam also available for Sanitation of Wine Tankers and Wine Storage vessels. 


Chillers for Snap Cooling and Cold Stabilisation of wine juices are also an area of specialty.

We have an extensive range of Steam Boilers: vertical and horizontal, fire tube, water tube, and tubeless. Our boilers are Australian manufactured, meeting all necessary State & Federal requirements for pressure vessels. 

We can coordinate installation with any existing steam boiler and associated equipment, including upgrades to current standards, site installation, piping, controls, testing, and certifications.

Accessories available include feed water tanks and heaters, Blow-down vessels, Steam Headers, pumps, control valves, pressure control, gauges, plus many more.


Travhotec provides a complete design service for Heat Exchanger applications to suit a wide range of process heating and cooling, suitable for water, steam, refrigerants, and chilled water for processes in a wide range of applications. Our range covers Brazed and Gasketed Plate Exchangers, Shell & Tube, and Immersion type.

We can deliver cost-effective energy savings by heating potable water via the recovery of waste heat from industrial refrigeration systems. 

Travhotec are national suppliers of commercial and industrial hot water and high-temperature hot water boilers and systems. Systems can be delivered fully assembled on transportable bases (galvanised skids), allowing ease of site installation and relocation. We offer complete site installation of systems and associated piping and equipment, or we are happy to coordinate and supervise installations on-site by local trades.

As an independent company, we are free to offer our clients the best solution for each project or application with equipment from a wide range of suppliers and manufacturers.


We have a range of Air to Water and Water to Water Chillers from 2kW's to 500kW's with larger outputs when banked together. We also offer Heat Pumps and Combination 4 Pipe units able to heat and cool at the same time. 

'Nursery Heating'

We can recommend the right products for your business, supply products, and arrange the correct fitting and installation. We have expertise with several propagation heating processes, raised bench and earthen floor systems, slab heating, hothouse hot water tube heating, gas-fired radiant, and air heating. Energy for systems can be from Natural Or Liquid Petroleum gas, Diesel, Electricity, or even BIO-MASS sources.

We can also provide effective steam solutions for the sterilisation of potting soils and other sanitation processes.

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