About Travhotec

Travhotec are national suppliers of Commercial and Industrial Hot Water and Steam Boilers Systems, Heat Exchangers, Pumps, Specialist Chilled and Hot Water Tanks, system pressure control, and expansion.


We specialise in the design and construction of systems to meet our client's specific needs. Systems can be delivered fully assembled on transportable bases (galvanised or Stainless skids), allowing ease of site installation and relocation or alternately a complete site installation of systems and associated piping and equipment. We are happy to coordinate and supervise facilities on-site by local trades or supply the equipment required for your project.


As an industry leader, we provide sustainable energy solutions for all of our clients. We create tailored systems, offer decades of expertise, and cater to a broad range of applications.

Engineering Plans


During our consultation, we’ll assess your requirements, discuss the options, and help you to design a system to suit your business. 

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Dedicated to energy solutions

We create cutting edge systems that are right for you. We specialise in Process Heating and Cooling, Sanitation, CIP systems, Bulk Hot Water, Steam, Heat Exchange, Energy Recovery, and much more.

Wine Experts

Travhotec offers solutions for many industries including wineries, fruit juice manufacturing, breweries, food manufacture and processing.

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30 Years of Experience

Chris Travers has a wealth of experience and knowledge  in supplying heating and chilling solutions to commercial clients. Recognised as an industry leader he has built Travhotec into an organisation that creates specialty products and solutions to commercial and industrial markets.

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